Welcome to my page, into the jewelry atelier!

I try to make all my jewellery unique, to bring you happiness and underline your personality.

For a rather long time I was a successful office worker, lived in a megalopolis, but finely understood that the job I really don’t love doesn’t give me internal growth and I decided to drastically change my life.

This is how I started my creative life!

Jewellery has become for me the way of self expression, opened new horizons to me, gave the opportunity to convey the beauty and uniqueness of the world around.

Idea, design, technical implementation – all steps of creation of jewellery are done by myself.

I like to experiment in different stylesand techniques, but as I also have an education in floral décor, botanical and floral themes dominate in my works.

In today's world it is impossible to ignore the new technologies. Sometimes I use 3D modeling / printing in my work. It gives me almost infinite possibilities in the jewelry design.

At the same time, it is extremely important for me to keep working with the raw metal whether it is gold or silver. Sometimes metal "leads" me transforming raw materials into stunning jewelry.

Because it is pure magic, when a new object appears from almost nothing.


“It seems to me that Jewelry comes to life when love and attention of the hands and soul of the master is put into them”

I draw my inspiration from paintings, Art Nouveau objects, from different places I visit travelling, as well as from always changing and unique nature (roots, stones, unusual textures).

All this fills me with new images and emotions. But flowers hold a special place and are the signature line of Natalia Parkin Art Jewelry. So bright and delicate, for me they are a symbol of nature’s perfection and beauty.

Each piece has its own character and meaning.You can find in them a reflection of your feelings and emotions, which are embodied in silver or gold with precious and semi-precious stones. I try to pay attention to every detail –from the choice of materials to packaging.

The most valuable thing in this process is to give joy, exceed the client's expectations, see his shining eyes and make him feel special.