My name is Natalia. At this point of time I live and work in Eze, a beautiful town in the south of France surrounded by magnificent nature and drawn in sunshine most part of the year. I invite you to my world of creativity and jewelry.

Natalia Parkin Art Jewelery Eze France

I should admit that until I was 30 I worked in spheres that were far from jewelry – economics, audit, promotion, show business. But there was a feeling I was doing something that wasn’t really mine... interesting, but not mine. I had a strong desire to create things.

I was lucky to meet a talented jeweler and philosopher – Oleg Auser. Inspired by the work of this great master, I attended his jewelry classes, where I gained invaluable knowledge and practical experience in traditional processing of precious metals and creating jewelry.

To acquire new skills, in 2014 I studied in Florence, a city steeped in art, where I got acquainted with hot enamel and their traditional fretwork.

Step by step I developed my style, released new collections and finally opened my studio…

Hand work polishing

In the world of today it is impossible to ignore the modern technologies. I widely use 3D modeling and 3D printing in my work, which gives almost infinite possibilities for creating my jewelry.

At the same time, it is extremely important for me to keep working with the metal with my hands, whether it is gold or silver. Sometimes metal "leads" me, directing "to the creation of another piece".

It inspires and dazzles me endlessly.

Because it is exactly at such moments the magic is born, when a new object appears from almost nothing.


Warm wishes 


Eze France